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¿Por dónde empezamos? SpanishBackpack.COM packs quite a punch when it comes to tools for Spanish teachers. Ease of use and overall quality are central to the service. With that in mind, here is a list of the different features available in SpanishBackpack.COM.:

    1. It’s SUPER easy to use – you can get started and have your students using it within a few minutes.
    2. Choose from thousands of existing exercises and vocabulary items.
    3. Access and share grammar lessons with students at all levels.
    4. You can easily monitor your students’ progress.
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And now the REALLY good stuff!
    1. Easily create and manage your classes – add students quickly and easily.
    2. Easily create vocabulary lists to share with your students:
      a. Select vocabulary from existing content.
      b. Create your own new vocabulary items and lists.
      c. Include images and/or audio to enhance your vocabulary.
      d. Manage your lists by adding/removing items.
      e. Notify your students when you’ve shared a new list with them.
    3. Use the super handy homework tool:
      a. Create assignments easily by choosing from thousands of existing exercises and/or create your own exercises.
        i. Exercises contain text, audio, images and/or video (from YouTube).
        ii. Create your own exercises and add text, images, audio and/or video (yes – again from YouTube).
        iii. Select from several different question format options.
      b. Save the assignments you like as templates to use later on.
      c. Easily schedule when assignments are available to your classes and when they’re due.
      d. Assignments are automatically corrected and graded.
      e. Review homework assignment results and see how each student is doing, as well as how the class is doing as a whole. You can even see class averages question by question!
      f. Assign work that requires the student to record an audio response. Upon completion, the audio clip will be waiting for you to grade.
      g. Create free writing assignments, and easily grade students' work online using a handy track-changes feature.
      h. See where your students are doing well and where they need more help.
    4. Easily share external resources with your students:
      a. Share links to websites.
      b. Share your own electronic documents (word files, PDFs, images, etc.).
      c. Share .mp3 audio clips easily.
    5. Gain access to El Conversador – Spanish grammar by Dave Kaufman:
      a. Share lessons with students.
      b. Use as a handy reference guide when planning your classes.
    6. Easily send a quick message to your entire class.
    7. Automatically share newly created materials (exercises, vocabulary items, documents and links) with other colleagues within your organization.
    8. Keep track of student involvement:
      a. See who’s completed which assignments and their grades.
      b. Keep track of who’s seen vocabulary, documents & links and messages.
    9. Communication between teachers and students and are encrypted to ensure data privacy.

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